From the Cleveland Scene, DX Ferris just published a lengthy story on the fall of Phil Lara and the Jigsaw Entertainment Group.

Plenty of people were skeptical when Lara rose from seemingly nowhere to form partnerships with Peabody’s, the Hi-Fi, and The Cleveland Agora. Turns out they had good reason to doubt. Those rumors you’ve heard about bounced checks, bad business dealings, and the imminent closing of the Jigsaw Tavern all turned out to be true. Additionally, all three venues once associated with Lara and The Jigsaw, now must deal with the aftermath. Besides employees not getting paid, unpaid bills stacking to the ceiling, and health benefits going unfulfilled, Lara and Company were unable to pay The Black Keys for their recent two night stand at the Agora, passing more of that rubber money onto the Akron rock duo.

The Jig Is Up: The Rise And Fall Of Phil Lara’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream