Normally, when you put five drummers in a recording studio all you get is a bunch of drummer jokes — How many drummers does it take to change a light bulb? How do you get a one armed drummer out of a tree? A drummer, a pirate, and a priest walk into a bar…Not so with the Akron based band Drummer, a super group of sorts featuring a who’s who of musicians who have spent time behind the kit for a variety of Northeast, Ohio rock outfits. Patrick Carney, who needs no introduction as the drummer of the Black Keys, plays bass for Drummer. He’s accompanied by Jamie Stillman of Party of Helicopters and Teeth of the Hydra on guitar, Houseguest drummer Steve Clements on keys, Jon Finley of Beaten Awake on vocals and guitar, and because in a room of five drummers someone still has to play the drums, Greg Boyd of Ghostman and Sandman gets the kit.

Now, give yourself a moment to process all of that information. If you’re at all familiar with the bands mentioned above (Black Keys, Houseguest, Beaten Awake, Party of Helicopters, Teeth of the Hydra, Ghostman and Sandman), you’re rifling through your mind in an attempt to piece together the sound of a thumpin’, bluesy, quirky, progressive, poppy, rootsy, shredding band. It’s not worth your time. “Diamonds to Shake,” the first track released from Drummer’s forthcoming disc, features those two guitarists deftly slicing through the mix, Clements doing the spectral, spooky thing on keys, and Finley’s rough and weathered voice cloaked in re-verb. As a result, Drummer sound almost Canadian, like a rust-belt version of Wolf Parade. Consequently, you’ll have to save your drummer jokes for the new Tommy Lee, Stephen Adler, and Lars Ulrich side project. This band of drummers defies such simple characterizations.

MP3: Drummer – Diamonds to Shake

Drummer’s debut album will be out this fall on Audio Eagle. The band have a couple dates in support of fellow Audio Eagle band, Other Girls, coming up in May including the 16th at The Matinee Cleveland.

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