Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jeremy Jay is both an old soul, and a man with the spirit of a dreamer. His light, wistful voice has a way of transforming the every day ordinary into fanciful, delightful scenes. A walk down by the pier to see the fish, a stop in the pizza shop for a slice, and a cup at the corner coffee house become defining moments during his lost, longing days. With a steady beat, some guitar riffs lifted from old, English new wave, and synths which speak in tones of bliss and innocence, Jay’s wandering ways slip effortlessly through the speakers, becoming more than one man’s time about the town, but a dream of your very own.

MP3: Jeremy Jay – In This Lonely Town

Jeremy Jay’s Slow Dance is out now on K Records. He’ll be in Cleveland on May 1st for a show at the Beachland Tavern.

Jeremy Jay
K Records