On “Imagistic Continuity,” guitarists Aidan Baker (Nadja) and Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) engage in a slow, careful exploration of texture with full, amorphous tones, which shift, and settle, but never become quite clear. They tease, like delicate spring breeze piecing together thin, white clouds on a clear backdrop of blue, twisting each puff ever so slightly every time a familiar shape comes into view. Then, just as you get comfortable in their audible daydream, just as you feel this pleasant scene could last forever, a second breeze comes and wipes the slate clean.

MP3:Aidan Baker and thisquietarmy – Imagistic Continuity

A Picture of A Picture, the second collaboration between Aidan Baker and Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) is out now on Killer Pimp Records.

Aidan Baker

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