Too often modern psychedelic rock is shorthand for getting stoned and mumbling some mysticism over feedback-heavy, My Bloody Valentine or Jesus and Mary Chain style tunes. Not so with Vampire Hands. On their latest release, Me You and Cherry Red/Cuz It’s a Beach Funeral, the Minneapolis-based band show a willingness to expand on modern psychedelic rock’s often constrictive norms. “Safe Hands,” for example, with its sinewy guitar lines, drum circle jam percussion, and feindish falsetto is equal parts English glam rock and California freak folk, Marc Bolan’s T Rex and Devandra Banhart, fancy free and mind expanding.

MP3: Vampire Hands – Safe Word

The Me and You Cherry Red/Cuz It’s a Beach Funeral re-issue is out now on Modern Radio Records. You can expect a new full length from Vampire Hands to land later this year.

Vampire Hands
Modern Radio Records

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