Even as Pink Mountaintops is billed as the solo project of Black Mountain’s Stephen McBean, those familiar with the collective of artists who make up the Black Mountain Army and its many satellite bands (Pink Mountaintops, Lightning Dust, Blood Meridian, to name a few) will recognize many of the names listed as co-conspirators on McBean’s latest disc, Outside Love. Amber Webber, Matthew Camirand, and Joshua Wells, all members of the Black Mountain Army, lend a hand, or in Webber’s case, that amazing, haunting voice of hers.

Yet, that wavering, pulsating, heart-breaking voice you hear complementing the painfully beautiful ballad, “While We Were Dreaming,” delivering the knock-out lines like “And if I could find your heart I would pull it from your chest/And smash it with my fist ’til it was bleeding,” isn’t that of Amber Webber, but Ashley Webber. We’ll have to assume they’re sisters, if not by blood, then most definitely by soul. How else could one explain two Webber gals in possession of the same, wonderful voice, one capable of such depth of emotion?

MP3: Pink Mountaintops – While We Were Dreaming

Pink Mountaintops
Jagjaguwar Records

photo by Jody Rogac