Still straddling that line between noise and noise pop, Pterodactyl creep ever closer to the pop side on “December,” the second track released from their most recent album, Worldwild. Of course, Pterodactyl’s sense of pop doesn’t exactly correspond to most people’s definition. They’re not about to go all sweet and Swedish, or go broke and boho on you. The guitars are shrill, acute, and piercing, yet their repetitiveness allows other elements to come through the mix — like that second guitar riff, the one which doesn’t cause discomfort. Then, just as the vocals, similarly shrill, and the guitars combine into one tight groove, it’s over. Like I said, Pterodactyl can move closer to pop, but they still won’t play your usual pop song.

MP3: Pterodactyl – December
VIDEO: Pterodactyl – December

Brah/Jagjaguwar Records