Beginning like one of those woozy, boozy tracks by Brightblack Morning Light, and with harmonies at times reminiscent of pastoral folkies, Fleet Foxes, Sleepy Sun’s 7-1/2 minute “New Age,” provides many twists and turns and poses even more questions. Like what if that freaky, New Mexico duo, ever broke out of their sedate state and shredded? And what if Fleet Foxes used their harmonies for purposes of evil. With one shredding solo at the 2-1/2 minute mark, and a second freakout following four minutes later, Sleepy Sun answer those questions with an emphatic, “That sh*t would rule!”

MP3: Sleepy Sun – New Age

Embrace, the forthcoming release by Sleepy Sun, will be out June 16th on ATP Records.

Sleepy Sun
ATP Records