Magnolia, the debut album by The Wooden Birds, is not the type of record which will knock your socks off, blow your hair back, or otherwise inspire similarly ecstatic reactions. Yet, what Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set and his new band mates do, they do impeccably well. Although many of the album’s numbers deal with love, loss, longing and other elements inherent to the human condition, Kenny’s vocals remain shy, slight, and almost polite. On an even keel would describe him well. When combined with a largely acoustic, clean, and crisp backing band, the numbers stay reserved, but are never lacking, for any room left by the band is taken up by Kenny’s bright, evocative lyrics. Yes, it’s another man and guitar album, but should you find yourself in the right time and place, let’s say an afternoon spent lake side alone with your thoughts, for example, it can be the perfect album.

MP3: The Wooden Birds – False Alarm
MP3: The Wooden Birds – Sugar

Magnolia by The Wooden Birds is out now on Barsuk Records. The band will be in town, Sunday, June 21st, for a date at The Beachland Tavern.

The Wooden Birds

photo by Aubrey Edwards