*Yo la Tengo, a band who need no introduction, have a new studio album entitled Popular Songs ready for a September 8th release. The Matablog has the first single, “Periodically Double or Triple,” available for download. According to Matador, Popular Songs is one of the band’s most diverse albums to date, and seeing as though “Periodically Double or Triple,” sounds like something taken from an old compilation of French lounge music, I’m going to believe them.

*While The Clean may necessitate a brief introduction, members of Pavement, Yo La Tengo, and Sonic Youth, to name a few, are quite familiar with the output of Kiwi pop’s signature band. Formed in Dunedian, New Zealand way back in ’78, should you listen to Merge Records’ double disc Clean Anthology, you’ll hear hints of all those bands and countless others who have been labeled college rock, modern rock, or indie rock over the years.

Why is this important? Well, on September 8th, Merge Records will be releasing, Mister Pop, The Clean’s first album of new material since 2001’s Getaway, and just today they released the first cut from the album, “In the Dream Life You Need a Rubber Soul.”

MP3: The Clean – In The Dream Life You Need a Rubber Soul