Turns out it’s just not the fans who get a bit nostalgic when they hear Dinosaur, Jr’s J Mascis unleash his trademark guitar wail. It’s the band, too. In the video for “Over It,” Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph are shredding through city scapes like a bunch of teenagers on skateboards and bmx’s. Even if there’s body doubles involved for the more advanced maneuvers, which there assuredly are, it doesn’t make the scenes of these three indie rock stalwarts revisiting the days of carefree youth any less entertaining.

P4kTV: Dinosaur, Jr – Over It

Dinosaur, Jr’s latest full length, Farm, will be out June 23rd on Jagjaguwar Records. You can preorder the CD, LP, or deluxe CD package now through Secretly Canadian mailorder. The deluxe edition comes with a bonus disc of four b-sides including “Whenever You’re Ready,” a cover of the old Zombies tune.

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