Writing for the Plain Dealer, John Petkovic is reporting that the legendary Cleveland Agora, is taking a summer vacation of sorts. Turns out the Agora has not been able to financially recover from its deal gone bad with local promoter and owner of the Jigsaw Saloon, Phil Lara, and will be closed for the next three months.

As you may recall, Jigsaw’s dream of a Cleveland concert network anchored by the Agora died a spectacular death this past spring, with promises unkept, bills piling up, and his partners at the Hi-Fi bailing. Perhaps Lara’s biggest offense, as if ruining the reputation of the Agora wasn’t bad enough, was the fact that he was unable to make payment to the Black Keys for a pair of sold out shows at the Agora in January.

Agora owner, Hank La Conti, insists the Agora will re-open in the fall, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised if the continued fallout from the Jigsaw mess would cause La Conti to permanently shutter its doors.