Girls’ debut single, “Hellhole Ratrace,” already has one publication declaring it as the “All My Friends” of 2009. Sure, it’s a single which first surfaced in 2008, but with a sublime new video, a new album, a national tour, and a renewed PR push, it just might happen.

“Hellhole Ratrace,” certainly shares the same sentiments as LCD Soundsystem’s ode to growing old, with the song’s protagonist wanting one last hurrah before age starts to get in the way. And with lines like, “I don’t wanna die without shaking up a leg or two/Yeah I wanna do some dancing, too/So come on, come on, come on, come on and dance with me,” quivering over a wash of shimmering static it’s easy to see how this track could become the last dance of the night at your local hipster prom. This one is poignant, moving, and all but daring you to hit the repeat button. So, yes, count me in amongst the believer’s in Girls.

MP3: Girls – Hellhole Ratrace
YOUTUBE: Girls – Hellhole Racetrace

Girls will be in Cleveland for a date at the Grog Shop on August 6th with Los Campesinos. Their debut album, Album, is due out September 22nd on True Panther Sounds, with a limited 10″ of “Hellhole Racetrace” preceding its release.

True Panther Sounds