With the gnarliest guitar sound outside of A Place to Bury Strangers, it’s only a matter of time before Coin Under Tongue blow out their amplifiers, blow out the electricity to whole city blocks, and blow up all over this thing we call the internet. Still, without a full length to their name, but getting closer, Death by Audio Records has released another four-song suite for free download via their website. Like their last internet release, the So Far EP, the tracks on Coin Under Tongue/Hussies at Bay, can be tough to peg down. All purpose, doom, post-punk, post-industrial, ear-bleeding feedback rock is a little unwieldy, and doesn’t fit nicely into with the current trend of shortened speak. So, we’ll say rad static, as in, turn up the volume on “Coin Under Tongue” and “Shaven Clean” and lose yourself in the rad static.

MP3: Coin Under Tongue – Coin Under Tongue
MP3: Coin Under Tongue – Shaven Clean

Death by Audio Records

Download 57% of Coin Under Tongue’s debut album, Coin Under Tongue/Hussies at Bay from Death by Audio Records