So, those Radiohead rumors (here, here and here) turned out to be kinda, sorta, true after all. “These Are My Twisted Words,” rumored to be a new Radiohead jam, is indeed a new Radiohead jam, but those anticipating a new EP from Thom Yorke and crew will have to wait.

Released just this morning, “These Are My Twisted Words,” comes packaged with pdf artwork of black, spindly limbs on white backgrounds, which Radiohead are so nice to point out, should be printed on at least 80 gsm tracing paper, or your printer will eat it. Thanks for the tip, guys.

As for the music itself, “Twisted Words,” seems more Hail to the Thief, than In Rainbows, in that it’s a slow, shifting atmospheric number which eschews the verse-chorus-verse structure of pop music in favor of subtle, electronic spookiness and long, twisted guitar lines.

Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words [Download via W.A.S.T.E]