The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame’s free summer concert series concludes tonight at 7 o’clock with a performance by Youngstown’s shocking, synth pop heroes, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream. Perhaps the least appropriate band to ever grace the grounds of the Rock Hall, GMPD rightfully earned a reputation as being one of Northeast Ohio’s most, um, entertaining live acts with shows which included, but were not limited to, tight spandex on bodies which should not be wearing tight spandex, debauchery, vocoders, beer, lots of beer, bickering and unabashed, eighties synth pop. Even if they’ve made strides in recent years to be a serious band who make serious music, I have a feeling, they won’t be using the opportunity to play outside at the Rock Hall to prove their hall of fame credentials. Opening, will be the Cleveland electro-pop band, This is a Shakedown.

Gig poster by John G