The Dutchess and The Duke don’t need your fancy indie rock instruments. They don’t need clarinets, coronets, mellotrons, xylophones, harmoniums, theremins, or harpsichords. Hell, they don’t even need a bass or a snare. All the Dutchess and The Duke need are a guitar or two, a tom, a shaker, a tambourine and the occasional chord from a plain old organ. With Jessee Lortz, The Duke, taking on the decidedly, un-duke like role of the man perpetually down on his luck, their music is quaint, raw, simple, yet, as evidenced by “Hands,” still able to pack an emotional punch, especially when The Dutchess, Kimberly Morrison, joins for harmony.

MP3: The Dutchess and The Duke – Hands

Sunset/Sunrise by The Dutchess and The Duke will be out October 6th on Hardly Art and can be pre-ordered now through the label’s website.

The Dutchess and The Duke
Hardly Art

photo by Laura Webb