I’ll have more to say about the Boris 7″ series at a later date, perhaps with bigger words, and perhaps in the style of an honest to goodness music critic, but for right now I feel it is my civic duty to tell you how much the first single (“8″/”Hey Everyone”) rules. This single rules like Obama, with complexity and confidence. It rules like Stalin, with unquestionable authority. It rules like Thor’s Hammer, with the mighty power of thunder and lightning. It rules like finding $20 in the dryer after doing laundry ’cause you forgot to empty the pockets of your Saturday pants before putting them in the washer, with unexpected glee. This new single by Boris completely and totally f’n rules. Pick it up from Southern Lord Records, at your local record store (I personally drooled on the copy at Music Saves on Friday night, if that would influence your decision in a positive way), or, if you’re broke like me, download it from Amazon for the low, low price of a buck, ninety-eight. Do it. Now.