The fact that Boston Spaceships is the home of Robert Pollard’s finest post-GBV work is something I’ve been trumpeting since the release of Brown Submarine in 2008. Now with Zero to 99, the third disc recorded by Uncle Bob, John Moen, and Chris Slusarenko under the Boston Spaceships banner, others are starting to take note.

From Magnet Magazine came this bit, “When we got an advance copy this summer of the excellent new Boston Spaceships album, Zero To 99 (out next week on GBV Inc.), we were immediately floored by track two, ‘How Wrong You Are,’ possibly the best song Robert Pollard has recorded since the demise of Guided By Voices.”

Then, in today’s review for Pitchfork, Paul Thompson had this to say, “It is somehow 2009, five years on from the dissolution of lo-fi heroes Guided by Voices and at least 10 since the agreed-upon peak of his powers, and Bob Pollard’s making some of the best music of his life. Three albums deep into the Boston Spaceships and the prolific songwriter is on a tear to rival a few of his best-ever runs.”

Take a listen to this week’s top jam, “How Wrong You Are,” and I have a feeling you’ll agree with Pitchfork, Magnet, and this former Uncle Bob apologist.

MP3: Boston Spaceships – How Wrong You Are
YOUTUBE: Boston Spaceships – How Wrong You Are

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