Never let it be said that Japanese heavy music maestros, Boris, don’t like to have fun. Granted, the 60 minute drones in their catalog bear the hallmark of a serious band who make serious music, but to see them live, is to see a group who are genuinely enthusiastic about melting your face with big riffs. On their last tour, especially, they were all smiles, Takeshi, striking poses as he blasted that double neck guitar, and Atsuo drumming as much for the crowd as he was for his bandmates.

The video for “H.M.A. (Heavy Metal Addict),” takes the fun factor one step further, into the realm of absurdity, riffing on pretty much every hair metal cliche of the ’80s — Big, big, and I mean big, poofy hair, pyrotechnics, random acts of violence with a sledgehammer, black, bondage inspired outfits, an Axl Rose kilt, a club straight outta Sunset Strip, and two long-haired dudes head-banging stage center — all within the first 90 seconds. “H.M.A (Heavy Metal Addict),” the song, plays a similar game with our hair metal heroes of yore, as speed metal riffs, throbbing power chords, and blood gurgling chants are all worked into the context of a propulsive, post-industrial setting. The result is the type of fun, free, and ferocious heavy metal Axl’s new G’N’R so desperately wanted to discover, but only occasionally succeeded in finding, during their decade long Chinese Democracy sessions. And to think, Boris, as prolific as they are, probably laid down this massive slab, in what — a week, maybe two?

YOUTUBE: Boris – H.M.A (Heavy Metal Addict)

Boris’ “HMA” 7″ single is available now through Southern Lord Records and should be popping up at your favorite e-tailer any day now.

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