"Even Heroes Have to Die" by Ted Leo and The Pharmacists

Solely from the sounds of the "Even Heroes Have to Die," the first single from Ted Leo and The Pharmacists' forthcoming album, The Brutalist ...
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Tonight: This Way Out 4th Anniversary Show at The Beachland Tavern

This Way Out, the thrift/vinyl/tsochke store in the basement of the Beachland, is celebrating its 4th Anniversary tonight at The Beachland Tavern ...
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Moving Pictures: "Thunder$troke" by Beaten Awake

Beaten Awake's video for "Thunder$troke" is a trip in the truest LSD dropping, kaleidoscopic colors surrounding, mind expanding sense of the word. ...
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From the Land of High-Priced Product Tie-Ins No One Saw Coming Comes the BlakRoc Camaro

You may already know that the Black Keys/Hip Hop collaboration, BlakRoc, are releasing their debut disc this Friday at independent record stores ...
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Dinosaur, Jr Live at The Grog Shop Cleveland Heights 11.20.09

The problem with being a band like Dinosaur, Jr, a band whose original lineup of J. Mascis, Murph, and Lou Barlow found a second life with consis...
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Top Jam of the Week: "No Mongo" by Wizzard Sleeve

Wizzard Sleeve’s "No Mongo" is one fantastic slab of something awesome. One could call it fuzz or scuzz or lo-fi or punk or psych and you’d ...
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Moving Pictures: "Cousins" by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig earned super respect from this writer when during a recent interview with Pitchfork, he was asked to discuss the ...
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"Swim" by Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood's debut single, "Swim," is one of those numbers that had it been recorded in the '80s, its video would require a California beach, ...
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