Blurt Magazine’s Edward Burch has some mighty high praise for Bill Fox’s Shelter From the Smoke, the Cleveland songwriter’s long out of print 1996 solo album which has been freshly expanded and reissued by Scat Records:

For the past ten years, the two Fox solo albums are all we’ve had from sessions that presumably yielded over 100 songs. The only reason this reissue of Shelter doesn’t get a 10 is so as to give Scat that much more incentive to follow through with their planned 2010 reissue of Fox’s other stellar solo release, Transit Byzantium. And if they can manage to release the lost Bill Fox third album from these same sessions, I will give it an 11 before I even crack the shrinkwrap–without hesitation. That’s a promise (I can’t speak for what my editor will do).

As you may already know, Fox’s Shelter From the Smoke is available now through Scat Records. The CD can be found locally at Music Saves and the double LP should be out shortly. Scat Records is set to start shipping vinyl orders this week.