Wizzard Sleeve’s “No Mongo” is one fantastic slab of something awesome. One could call it fuzz or scuzz or lo-fi or punk or psych and you’d be right. One could come up with clever metaphors like “Early Jay Reatard soaked in robo,” or “Like Seattle Sludge meets The Smell,” or “Like what music from Brooklyn would be sound like if it had any balls,” and you’d be right. The Mobile, Alabama band pulls from varied underground movements and a wide swath of scenes and whips them into one wild, reverb heavy mix. One where there may be one overriding riff, but it’s the devilish details – The bits and pieces, the scattered static, the cleverly buried, barely audible six string freak outs piled one on top of another – which make this cut so necessary.

MP3: Wizzard Sleeve – No Mongo

Wizzard Sleeve’s Make the World Go Away is out now on Hozac Records.

Wizzard Sleeve
Hozac Records