Beaten Awake’s video for “Thunder$troke” is a trip in the truest LSD dropping, kaleidoscopic colors surrounding, mind expanding sense of the word. The story line goes something like this: The boys in the band, travel by rocketship, car, and any fantastic means possible to meat up with their fearless caption, Beaten Awake lead singer, Jon Finley. They embark on a journey across blue and green seas under bright purple skies. Storms come and go, but Finley’s disposition is always sunny, smiling behind the wheel of his little, yellow boat. A mix of live-action, animation, and puppetry only adds to the surreal nature, meaning there’s only one way this one could end — At a secret party where tripping Beaten Awake watch themselves on stage surrounded by a backdrop of even more vibrant, shifting colors. Who knew a Thunder$troke could be so much fun?

VIDEO: Beaten Awake – Thunder$troke

Beaten Awake

Fat Possum Records