Solely from the sounds of the “Even Heroes Have to Die,” the first single from Ted Leo and The Pharmacists’ forthcoming album, The Brutalist Bricks, it’s already apparent that this album may be the band’s most epic work to date. Bursting with both acoustic and electronic guitars, and with a serious get up and jump up in the rhythm section, “Heroes,” is as direct and melodic as anything in Leo’s extensive back catalog. And while elements of the band’s past work are quickly evident in this new single, including those familiar nods to early UK punk, new wave, and power pop, there is something different about Ted Leo and The Pharmacists this time around. The band sounds energized, as if that big burden of the Bush years has been lifted off their shoulders and they’ve discovered a new focus for their energy outside of politics. Not that Leo would ever give up a good liberal fight. Ask anyone involved with liberal causes if their work is done now that there’s a Democratic president in office, and they’ll quickly respond, “No.” No, there’s a new fight, and a new reason to rock.

MP3: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Even Heroes Have to Die

Ted Leo’s sixth full length, The Brutalist Bricks will be out March 9th on Matador Records, and here’s hoping Matador doesn’t succumb to the same fate as Ted’s last two homes — Lookout Records and Touch and Go — both of which went under while Ted was an active member of their roster.

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
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