San Francisco psych-rockers, Wooden Shjips have recently released, not one, but two videos from their 2009 full length record, Dos, and both of them suit their hazy, repetitive jams quite well. The first clip, “Motorbike,” with its sun warped colors and shaky frames of a biker cruising the bay area, was filmed to look like it’s being played on an old reel-to-reel, an aesthetic which is the visual equivalent of their krauty, drone-outs.

While “For So Long” takes a more conventional approach to the psychedelic music video. Ghostly images of the band are covered by dizzying displays of light and color, as if they are playing behind a thin screen showing early ’00s media player visualizations. Even if the whole put a band behind fancy colors things has been done, again, it’s an effective presentation of the work of Wooden Shjips.

YOUTUBE: Wooden Shjips – Motorbike
YOUTUBE: Wooden Shjips – For So Long

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