Long considered the best kept secret in the Akron-Cleveland scene, the husband (Keith Freund) and wife (Linda Lejsovka) and whomever is hanging out in their living room band, Trouble Books, have rightfully earned their reputation through a series of thoughtful, homemade records of delicate pop and audio experimentation. And while “Past the Parking Deck,” may not be the number which sends them to the front page of Stereogum, its combination of those familiar, creeky sounds with the alien-to-them, world of 8-bit pop Atari soundtracks will ensure those dedicated souls who have taken in their past collections will eagerly welcome this latest batch of songs into their homes as well.

MP3: Trouble Books – Past the Parking Deck

Gathered Tones, the latest album by Trouble Books, will be available on LP on Bark and Hiss Records on March 2nd and on CD via Own Records on March 3rd.

Trouble Books on Bark and Hiss