I know what you’re thinking, “Man, I haven’t read Alt-Press since I was 16 Man, I’ve never read that mall-punk rag Alt Press.”  Just hear me out.  This is one article worth your click.  This Moment in Black History’s Lawrence Caswell talks in depth about race and rock music withLuke O’Neil for the web cover story, It Takes A Nation Of Millions–Black punk and indie musicians on the scene’s current state of race relations.  Among Caswell’s choice quotes is this one, on the birth of punk and its relationship to racism in the UK and the USA:

“I don’t think the roots of punk are racist; I think America is racist,” says This Moment In Black History’s Caswell. “Britain, too. In the early days we associate with punk in the U.K., that was a racist culture. There’s gonna be a racist element in that. But at the same time, there’s no punk rock without black culture and black people. It’s not just because of where the music came from, but also because of key artists who were very aware of black culture and incorporated that into punk, or were just black and changed everything like Bad Brains. All those early people loved black artists and talked about black artists, and they were a big influence on how punk came to be. Yeah, there was ton of racism in early punk, but it was just because it was a racist culture.”

Black punk and indie musicians on the scene’s current state of race relations