The Archie Bronson Outfit’s new-fangled, futuristic sound featured in “Shark’s Tooth,” the lead single from their forthcoming album, Coconuts,  has a new-fangled, futuristic video to match.  Well, ok, maybe the clip embedded above is only futuristic in a 1960’s B-movie kind of way, but, then, too, the Archie Bronson Outfit’s new artistic direction steered by ex-DFA producer, Tim Goldsworthy, isn’t  full on, futuristic, either.  Rather, it’s a mish-mash of the propulsive, post-punk marching of their previous effort, Derdang Derdang, and a more modern production sense, one where chips and bits of the old outfit are re-assembled into a less organic, more electronic outfit.   More importantly, however, than the who’s and what’s and the how’s, is the fact that from the production to the playing and on through to the video, this package not only works, but works rather fantastically.

VIDEO: Archie Bronson Outfit – Shark’s Tooth
MP3: Archie Bronson Outfit – Shark’s Tooth (download via band website)

The Archie Bronson Outfit’s Coconut will be available in the US on March 23rd via Domino Records. In a recent news item on, it was revealed that the band will be releasing videos for each album track leading up to its March 1st release in the UK. One can only hope they’re all as future-fantastic as “Shark’s Tooth.”

Archie Bronson Outfit
Domino Records