First, from the Matablog, comes “Your Hands (Together),” the first single  from the New Pornographer’s upcoming release, Together.   The two-listen reviewer in me loves the power chords and the streamlined song structure I’m hearing here, especially since the two-listen reviewer in me hated the fact their last outing sounded a bit too much like a Gap soundtrack.

Next, I’d like to send you over to the always excellent Raven Sings the Blues, who’s featuring a new jam from Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Rush to Relax.  This one’s due out March 16th on Goner Records and  like Raven, I am so, so totally, stoked about the prospect of having a new slab of vinyl from this bunch of Australian garage punks that I’d be willing to line up outside the record store today and wait out the next few weeks, if people still did things like line up outside record stores and if I didn’t have a job, that is.

Lastly, Devo are taking a break from corporate communications and color studies to perform at the Winter Games and release a new internet single.  “Fresh” will be made freely available via the Devo website,, for a 24 hour period following the conclusion of tonight’s Olympic performance.