Even those familiar with Cleveland singer/songwriter Bill Fox’s solo discography may not be familiar with “Electrocution,” a track which first appeared on a 1998 compilation on Anyway Records titled, I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records.  Fox’s version, of course, had all the hallmarks which made (And still make) his solo output so engrossing — The home-made production quality, nimble guitar picking, a roughened voice, and clear, honest sentiments.  While Nada Surf’s version, featured here, takes Fox’s humble recording and gives it an a kick in the tempo and an alt-country/power pop shine.  As a result, “Electrocution” now sounds very much like something which could have been on one of Wilco’s early albums, with the lead guitar riff in particular, bearing a resemblance to the riff on Wilco’s “Box Full of Letters.”  Similarly, listening to this modern take on Fox, one can imagine where his career may have led had he stayed with The Mice, or the Radio Flyers, or had he not abruptly disappeared from the music scene  altogether after the release of Transit Byzantium.

MP3: Nada Surf – Electrocution

Nada Surf’s latest, if i had a hi-fi, an album of covers, will be available directly from the band during their upcoming Spring tour, then through all your usual outlets and in all your usual formats on June 8th.

Nada Surf