The buzz surrounding young Clevelander Dylan Baldi and his band the Cloud Nothings has been growing at a rapid pace.  This week alone he’s had two high profile premieres for new tracks on Gorilla vs Bear and The Fader.

Yet, as we all know, with internet buzz comes internet danger.  If I had just one minute of advice for Baldi before his band blows up all over the blogosphere in a WAVVES like explosion, I would tell him, “Dude, be careful what you say, email and tweet to the press.”

When asked by Kevin J Elliott of The Agit Reader, “Is there anything brewing in Cleveland that you think the rest of the country is missing out on?” Baldi replied, “Um, as much as I hate to say it, not really. There’s plenty of music here that’s alright, but nothing I’m too stoked on outside of that Emeralds scene that you mentioned. Hopefully some kids will start bands because a lot of the music around here is pretty stagnant and dull. Cleveland needs a burst of energy.”

Trust me, Dylan, the next time someone asks you if there’s any cool bands in Cleveland say, “The new album by This Moment in Black History album slays!” Even if you haven’t heard it yet, you wouldn’t be lying, because Public Square does indeed slay and it’s fully deserving of an exclamation point at the end of a sentence.  Furthermore, playing nicely with the bands in your scene will benefit you in the long run.  Consider for a moment, who would fill in on bass for you should your bassist bonk your girlfriend and you’re left with no choice but to kick him out of the band?  Someone from LA?  Someone from Brooklyn?  No, it’s gonna be someone from your scene.