Meet the 33 newest additions to the Cleveland rock landscape, all of whom who will be performing as part of the 2010 Lottery League Showcase.  Based on names alone, I give Dead Wrestler the best odds for success, Google, the best shot of being ungoogleable, and Waaaaay Better Than Ezra, the award for the band most likely to be sued by another band who were once well known, but who are now looking to supplement their income from playing rib fests and county fairs by bringing lawsuits against other bands with similar names. 

1.  PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS (Jon Csicsila, Jeff Curtis, Matthew Charboneau, and Katherine Kimmerle)
2.  FINAL EXPENSES (Greg Hyland, John Neely, Shannon Kerrigan and Mike Uva)
3.  THE REDD FOXX MEMORIAL BAND and TRE FA LA HA ORCHESTAR (Sean Djuricic, Sean Kilbane, Gabe Schray, RA Washington, and Eric Koltnow)
4.  TAPE WORMS (Elijah Vazquez, Sebastian Wagner and Stephe DK)
5.  MILK THROAT (Matt Chasney, Jason Schafer, Karen Wegryn, and Mara Robinson)

6.  XFERQYRAD$ (Dave Taha, Mike McDonald, and Krissy Brannan)
7.  MELTED FACE CONSTITUTIONAL (John Panza, Dave Cintron, Paul Bartholet, Jason Robinson, and Nick Traenkner)
8.  SUPER MACHO TOUGH GUY COWBOY (Christopher Canon, Joe Penzvalto and Matthew Clement)
9.  MILK AND COOKIES (Jonathan Morgan, Lauren Voss, Jack Geers, and Jim Karpinski)
10.  SLOT PICKER (Jim Konya, Matt Valerino, John Howitt, Dave Straub, and Steve Barrett)

11.  WAAAAAY BETTER THAN EZRA (Tim Thornton, Mandy Aramouni, Vic Anaya, Clint Holley, and Dr. Maxar Berezium)
12.  VOLCANO FORTRESS (Roseanna Safos, Dave Molnar, Justin Whipkey, and Seth Hrbek)
13.  ISLE OF EYELIDS (Chuck Cieslik, Ron Kretsch and Michael Ocampo)
14.  THE NEWDICALS (Joshua Jesty, Zachariah Starnik, Craig Chojnicki, Michael Pultz, and Leia Alligator)
15.  WORLD WAR V (Stanton Thatcher, Rich Raponi, Maura McGrath and Miss Melvis)

16.  VCR HEAD CLEANER (Glen McNell, Ryan Yankee, Beckett Warren, Michael Nassif, and Rachel Hart)
17.  PROTRACTOR TED (Rich Ellis, Scott McHenry, Chris Smith, and Sharon Yoo)
18.  LEGENDS OF LEISURE (Adam Korbesmeyer, Josh Banaszak, Lou Arocho, Nicky Kelly)
19.  DRUGS FOR EVERYBODY (David Horton, Myk Porter, Noah Hrbek, and Carol Schulien)
20.  HUT HUT HIKE (Joe Willis, Nick Licata, Lisa Ellis, and David Rich)

21.  DEVIL’S FEET (Brent Gemmill, Justin Nyilas, Christopher Hoke, Mike Rodemann)
22.  DIRTY HARRY (Ryan Kearney, Antoine Henderson, Ken Janssen, and Jeff Hardy)
23.  DEAD WRESTLER (Chad Hill, Katherine Koenig, Matt Trehan, and Tony Merritt)
24.  SAUSAGE PILOT (Steve Mehlman, Ryan Wilkins, Aaron Dowell, Rusty Boyer, and Jae Kristoff)
25.  BLACK MOON (Robert O’Lexa, Beth Hiser, Ted Flynn, and Ed Sotelo)

26.  BONGO MAKE MANSCAPE (Pablo Cerda, Joey Milan, Ruwani Kiringoda, and  Ian P.E.)
27.  THE ELKS  (Nate Scheible, Matt Jauch, Greg Miller, Chris Rood, and Lou Muenz)
28.  BEAT VIKINGS (John Delzoppo, Christopher Burge, Ed Stevens, and Christa Ebert)
29.  EARPLUG PARTY TONIGHT (Will Scharf, John Kalman, Kat Stewart, Bill Weita, and Matthew T.)
30.  MISTER FISTER (Ryan Foltz, Matt Taha, Jon Thomas, Dustin Thomas, and PJ Doran)

31.  GAWD ALMIGHTY (John Polomsky, Shawn Mishak, Jose Luna, and Tim Long)
32.  GOOGLE (Dominic Ricciardi, Alex Henry, Brendan Sedlak, and Tony Vorell)
33.  RED RESONANT SKYWALKER (Nick Riley, Roxanne Starnik, William Webb, Rockie Brockway, and Tony Erba)