While there may not be a Hozac Records sound per se — Their recent releases have covered punk, garage, bedroom pop, and psychedelic rock — there certainly are Hozac Records qualities, the first and foremost being the Hozac fuzz factor.  For example, the lo-fi pop of Medication had the comforting hiss of a four track, and the whirling rock found on Wizzard Sleeve’s Make the World Go Away had this omnipresent hum lurking beneath its multi-tracked guitars.  In this respect, Woven Bones are no different.  The dark, scuzzy pop of “If It Feels Alright,” the first track released from their upcoming LP, sounds a bit like Philadelphia antagonizers, Clockcleaner, had Sharkey and company possessed a friendlier, more melodic side.  Similarly, one could make links to surf rock, psychedelic pop, or garage rock, all with one very important caveat — There’s gotta be fuzz, loads and loads of fuzz.

MP3: Woven Bones – If It Feels Alright

Woven Bones’ In and Out and Back Again will be out May 18th on Hozac Records.  For more on the methods of this much buzzed about Chicago label, check out Carrie Brownstein’s interview with Hozac co-founder, Todd Novak, over at NPR’s Monitor Mix.

Woven Bones
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