One would be hard pressed to find a modern act more beholden to the legacy of Alex Chilton, the recently deceased, master songwriter, behind Big Star, than Glasgow’s Teenage Fanclub.  Sure, The Replacements had the song, “Alex Chilton,” but their admiration was always channeled through the rowdy, unpredictable nature of their lead singer, Paul Westerberg, during his younger, boozier phase.  Teenage Fanclub, on the other hand, took the lessons learned from Big Star’s landmark recordings, #1 Record and Radio City, and have based much of their later career on those sounds.  The striking harmonies, the earnest sentiments, the simple, British invasion influenced melodies, and the clean guitar lines were all present in Big Star and have been staples of Teenage Fanclub for years, and this latest single, “Baby Lee,” is no exception.

MP3: Teenage Fanclub – Baby Lee

“Baby Dee” can be found on the new Teenage Fanclub album, Shadows, due out June 8th on Merge Records in the States, and one week earlier over in the UK. Even better news, there are rumblings about a US tour in September. What do you say, Teenage Fanclub? Will you come to Cleveland this time ’round? The Guardian says our city rocks, and they’re right, by the way.

Teenage Fanclub
Merge Records