Hey you! Yes you, the one with all that extra cash stashed in old boxes of Cap’N Crunch. How about sending some of that money the Dolby Fuckers’ way. Not out of pity, mind you, but to make a music video. You remember those, right? Granted, music videos don’t hold the sway they used to, but check out this track, “Celebrity Down,” and tell me the video doesn’t shoot itself. They’ve already recorded the song for you, an upbeat, blast of ragged power pop. All you need to do is get yourself a video camera, round up the band, and find a few celebrity look-a-likes. Next, take the band and the celebrity look-a-likes out to paintball, or bowling, or anything remotely athletic, and let the hijinks happen. There will be hijinks, tomfoolery, and monkeyshines as the band plays grade school pranks on the hapless celebrties — Classic stuff like kick me signs, tripping people in front of mud puddles, big red playground balls upside the face. Now, when it’s all done and edited, you put that video up on youtube and you’ve got viral. Trust me, with the right celebrity look-a-likes, this one will get more hits than dancing babies and scared kitties and teenage girls unpacking their shopping bags combined. Not just one video of babies and one video of kitties and one video of hauling. I’m talking about all the kitty, baby, and haul videos combined. That’s viral.

MP3: Dolby Fuckers – Celebrity Down

Both the Dolby Fuckers latest record, Hair Meal, and its predecessor, Tape, can be had for the price of free over at the We Want Action website. Go forth and rock it.

Dolby Fuckers on We Want Action