When Melanie from Music Saves asked me if I was interested in DJ-ing The Hold Steady tailgate party before the Cleveland show on April 13th at the Beachland Ballroom, I said yes without a moment of hesitation.  The last time we did this, we had a big, thirsty crowd and loads of fun.  Had I known that the Beachland would be billing it as The Hold Steady Sausage Party, I would have left work, gone straight for the rock-mobile, on to the highway and down to the store and given Melanie a hug with my answer.  What better way to prepare for a Hold Steady concert than with happy hour drink specials, sausages, and rock music.  Plus, the name works well on so many levels.  The Hold Steady draw a high proportion of bros to their shows, the Beachland is located in an area of town that is not only an arts district, but also a sausage district, and what’s the pre-game food of choice for bros who go to sporting events or shows, but sausages, of course.   The good times will start at 6 and run up to show time.