From Devo COO, Greg Scholl, comes this very important message:

DEVO Inc., and it’s musical division DEVO, are in need of your help.

In an effort to comply with the growing need for appealing sonic products in the mass market, we have officially launched the “Devo Song Study” to collect data regarding which of our current roster of recorded material is most appealing to you, the general public. Of course when we say “the general public” we’re also including members of the music press and media because we want your help as well.  As you know, this is an unprecedented move and as this is your album too, we’re counting on you!  Currently the band has created 16 new songs, which, at the request of corporate leadership, must be narrowed down to 12 for the official album release. 
This interactive test will gauge your exact opinion on matters of musical taste and is the latest technological wrinkle in facilitating DEVO’s ongoing mission to appeal to everybody. We need you, the harrowed content consumer, to determine these final 12 songs. And we assure you that any measured contribution to this cause is time well spent, and enables a freedom of choice that was foretold long ago.
Please participate in the “Devo Song Study” by going online to:

You are the key to a more appealing tomorrow for all of us.

Duty now for the future!
Greg Scholl
COO of DEVO Inc.

Believe me, I wouldn’t be copying and pasting press releases from some stiff suit unless (A) I was too busy at work to produce original content of my own, or (B) the message communicated by the aforementioned stiff suit would be of particular interest to you. This, not only falls into both categories but also provides you with some cheap internet thrills while having a hand in directing the future of Devo. Embrace your benevolent corporate overlord. Embrace the future.