For a man who’s spent the better part of his career stepping in and out of dreamland, Jeremy Jay’s “Splash,” is noteworthy for both its directness and its energy.  Jay’s voice still has that airy and ethereal quality to it, but where once his narrations sounded detached and one step removed from reality, he now sounds like he’s a part of the action.  The dark streets are not someone else’s dark streets, and those dark streets are not imagined threats.  They are the dark streets that line an unforgiving town.  Similarly, the accompanying music is more vital.  Instead of channeling The Jam or Nick Lowe through doo-wop and shimmery, school dances with his sweetheart, he’s jamming, putting all his style and all his charm out there in the real world with bold guitar lines and a hearty tempo.

MP3: Jeremy Jay – Splash

Jeremy Jay’s latest full length, Splash, will be out May 25th on K Records.

Jeremy Jay on K Records

photo by Jeremy Hogan