We’ve already talked about some of the prime limited-edition vinyl being released to coincide with Record Store Day 2010, but there’s more to the holiday than buying music.  It’s also a celebration of music culture.  Both Blue Arrow Records and Music Saves will be hosting free in-store performances throughout the day.  The action starts with members of White Hinterland dj-ing at Music Saves at 4:30 and Will Rigby of the dB’s doing a dj set at Blue Arrow Records starting at 5.  From there on out the live sets will alternate between the two stores on Waterloo Road in Collinwood: The Lighthouse and The Whaler at Music Saves, Prisoners at Blue Arrow, Muttering Retreats at Music Saves, Tastycakes at Blue Arrow, Cloud Nothings at Music Saves, and lastly,  The Very Knees at Blue Arrow.  Full details on these local Record Store Day happenings can be found at either Blue Arrow Records or Music Saves. For more on Record Store Day, visit the official Record Store day website.