A familiar face joins the UK’s Slow Club in this one shot video for their video “Giving Up On Love.” That sad man riding the ferris wheel is none other that Garreth (Mackenzie Cook) from the UK version of The Office. It’s a stroke of casting genius with Garreth, I mean Cook, looking, oh, about half the misfit from his Office days, lip-synching the song’s downbeat lyrics with a look of utter defeatism. Yet, as much as Cook is the star here, should you look away from the screen for a moment, the sad sack mood transforms to one of glee — The Slow Club are practically giddy about their decision to give up on love. This is an upbeat guitar pop song, full of vim and determination, aiming to prove to this thing called love, for good this time, just who is in control here.

VIDEO: Slow Club – Giving Up On Love

Slow Club
Moshi Moshi