To make a long story short, ex Guided by Voices member James Greer, reveals in this bit of GBV history how The Power of Suck, the full length which was to follow Alien Lanes, may get a vinyl release on Robert Pollard’s Rockathon Records later this year. Greer’s piece contains a very detailed description of the planning and recording of The Power of Suck (Which included sessions of varying degrees of success and frustration with Kim Deal and Steve Albini) and how those recordings got largely discarded for what would turn out to be Under the Bushes, Under the Stars.  Some songs from The Power of Suck sessions eventually did appear on other GBV releases, but never before have they been compiled into the definitive Power of Suck.  It is important to note, however, that while Greer has it on a good source that The Power of Suck will be released some time this year, he would not be surprised if Uncle Bob scuttles the release, leaving The Power of Suck to live on in legend only.