The diverse discography of Philadelphia’s Kurt Vile can be both a treasure trove of unlikely hits and a source of frustration. The self-described constant hitmaker has the jams to back up his claims (See “Freeway” on Constant Hitmaker, or “The Hunchback,” and “Freak Train” from Childish Prodigy), and a radiant guitar tone most players would kill for, yet for every piece of blissful pop, every blustery blues out, and every mind-warping piece of experimental folk, there are three, four, or maybe more mind dumps of meandering whimsy. Opening with a section of melody free, chorus free folk, “Invisibility: Nonexistent,” the first track released from his forthcoming EP, Square Shells, would seem to lean towards the latter. Then, something special happens. “Invisibilty: Nonexistent” morphs into a wonderfully flowing and meditative ambient piece, freeing those bright, fragile and wavery guitar tones to find their own way in the universe.  While this five minute save may not be enough to qualify “Invisibility: Nonexistent” for a hit in the Kurt Vile sense, it more than makes up for its own unspectacular introduction as it provides a glimpse into this brilliantly baffling songwriter’s mind.

MP3: Kurt Vile – Invisibility: Nonexistent

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