When you read the subtitles to The Black Keys video for “Next Girl,” the band attempt to disavow any firsthand knowledge of the descision to promote their new album with a Funkasaurus.  Yet, knowing what I know about Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney, and knowing what I know about the Akron music scene in general, having a lip-synching dinosaur hanging out pool side with bikini babes is pretty much what I’d expect from them.  “Next Girl,” itself, is pretty much what you’d expect from the Black Keys, too.  It’s not a continuation of the work with Danger Mouse, who produced Attack and Release, nor is it a complete return to the grimier grooves of their earlier work.  If anything, it’s a continuation of the more-polished blues sound found on 2006’s Magic Potion.

VIDEO: The Black Keys – Next Girl

Brothers, an album by The Black Keys, will be available at your finer record shops and online outlets on May 18th on Nonesuch Records.

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