To those who ordered the New Pornographer’s latest LP, Together, with the bonus Outrageous Cherry 7″ of The New Pornos covering this much overlooked Detroit, power pop band, the reactions likely spanned from “Who?” and “What?” to “Why?”  The who and what you can find on your own using the modern marvel that is Google, and the why plays itself out below with Outrageous Cherry’s latest offering, “Fell.”  Imagine, for a moment, what those Brooklyn neo-hippies and their followers would sound like if they focused more on their songcraft and less on their style, and you’re awfully close to the vibe of this one, where a soft, easily flowing drone accompanies vintage, Pet Sounds pop.  It’s classic, contemporary, memorable and all wrapped up in under three minutes, the way a pop song should be done.

MP3: Outrageous Cherry – Fell

Outrageous Cherry’s forthcoming release, Seemingly Solid Reality, will be out June 1st on Alive Naturalsound Records.

Outrageous Cheery
Alive Naturalsound Records