The Brooklyn- based, folk-pop band, Woods,  may not have abandoned their homemade, lo-fi style (The likes of which was inescapable in the latter-half of the past decade when it showed up in garage, punk, pop, folk and electronic music), yet, there is still a noticeable shift in their methods between At Echo Lake and its predecessor, Songs of Shame.  Now, you’re more likely to hear similarities to The Shins, or Fleet Foxes, or other pop bands, where before they were more often grouped with outsiders on the freaky, fringe of folk music.  That’s not the same as saying they’ve gone bland, dinner-party, indie band soft.  Even a soft song like “I Was Gone,” can keep its cool when it has a slinky, psychedelic guitar melody and a solid nod to The Stones.

MP3: Woods – I Was Gone

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