Being an all-girl, Australian, garage rock trio duo, Super Wild Horses are all but guaranteed to garner comparisons to American outfits like Vivian Girls or the Dum Dum Girls. Yet, while their American counterparts channel their love of Phil Spector’s wall of sound style through a quaintly modern lo-fi style, these Aussies take a much noisier approach. For them, harmonies and pop-leanings are important, but no more important than good old fashioned, guitar noise. With a constant, crackling static permeating throughout “Golden Town,” these gals show themselves more in tune with Kim Deal, The Breeders and the girl groups of the ’90s than any modern buzz band, and they’re better off for it.

VIDEO: Super Wild Horses – Golden Town

Look for the debut full-length by Super Wild Horses this summer on Hozac Records.

Super Wild Horses
Hozac Records