Milwaukee’s Goodnight Loving play country and folk inspired punk, but not in the way one might think.  Most times when the words folk and punk are placed in such close proximity, you either get a folkie with a spitting attitude or fast-playing country band.  For the Goodnight Loving, the roots influences are much more subtle.  Think Wilco playing double time (Or, triple time if you have Sky Blue Sky playing in your head).  Or, think of a power pop band, either a polished act like Matthew Sweet or a ragged one like The Exploding Hearts, adding twang to their usual thing.  However you classify the Goodnight Loving in your mind, is up to you.  It’s far more important that you give a jam like “The Pan,” it’s fair chance.

MP3: Goodnight Loving – The Pan

The latest by Goodnight Loving, The Goodnight Loving Supper Club, will be out July 20th on Dirtnap Records

Goodnight Loving
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