At the end of Lynn Hirschberg’s nine-page piece on pop-antagonizer, M.I.A., the Sri Linkan born singer is left looking like a walking, talking contradiction, albeit one with a keen fashion sense and expensive jewelery.   It’s a long read, and a very good read, but let’s say you don’t have time for all that reading  Then, New York Magazine’s Vulture blog has you covered.  They’ve whittled Hirschberg’s piece down to the ten most gotcha moments.  Not that any of this would give M.I.A. sufficient reason to go the low-class route and tweet Hirschberg’s personal phone number to the general public. But… when you and the author end up discussing your militaristic politics while you’re noshing on some truffle-flavored french fries, and you wanna be a revolutionary and wear million dollar bling for a photo shoot, and you say stupid stuff like you want some Blackwater sportswear, well, you’ve gotta do something to save your rep.  So, twitter it is.