There was a moment of time this past Winter where it seemed Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings were bound for total internet domination of the new music scene, the likes of which usually occurs only when someone like the Arcade Fire release 30 second samples of new songs.  The Fader, Gorilla Vs Bear, Pitchfork, and pretty much every online music outlet of note was praising Dylan Baldi and his young Cleveland band for the keen pop sense displayed on their debut album, Turning On.  Three months on, and a new single about to hit the streets, they may  not be dominating on Arcade Fire or Animal Collective levels, yet, but let’s face it, no one can match the insanity of an Arcade Fire announcement, especially not a baby band from Cleveland.   Still, if Baldi and company keep channeling song masters like Robert Pollard and GBV and Lee Mavers of the La’s, and keep cranking out  the lo-fi, poppy goodness, here in aplomb on the b-side “Even if it Worked Out,” there’s no reason they shouldn’t continue their rapid rise in the indie music underground.  Who knows, one day they may be worthy of the second headline, the one underneath the announcement of new Arcade Fire cover art, of course.

MP3: Cloud Nothings – Even if it Worked Out

The “Didn’t You” 7″ single by Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings will be out June 24th on Old Flame Records.  Your next chance to catch the band live and local is on Friday, June 11th at the Beachland with Mr. Gnome and Megachurch.

Cloud Nothings
Old Flame Records